Eva Longoria snared for live-action film of ‘Dora the Explorer’

df059424290d9ead0c62723b07cf37de - Eva Longoria snared for live-action film of 'Dora the Explorer'

The American actress Eva Longoria arrives for the cast of ‘Dora the Explorer’ strengthen. That reveals filmsite Screen Rant. The ‘Desperate Housewives’actress will Dora’s mother play.

The 17-year-old “Transformers: The Last Knight’actress and Nickelodeon-star Isabela Moner got earlier this year, the starring role of Dora assigned. Who the father of Dora is still a question mark.

In the original series is the mother of Dora – Elena “Mami” Marquez – an archeologist, but also in the cinema version will be so is not certain.

The film appears on August 2, 2019 in the cinema, and is produced by the production company of Michael Bay, Platinum Dunes. In the tv series is the main character Dora is seven years old, but in the film they are older. The story revolves around a relocation of the teen to the city, where she and her cousin Diego will live together.

‘Dora the Explorer’ was a kijkcijferhit on Nickelodeon. It ran for a staggering fourteen years on the station, a total of 172 episodes. It was in dozens of languages translated and the merchandising around the series sold like hot cakes. The kinderreeks with educational message revolves around a Latin-American girl with her monkey Boots and a talking backpack has lots of adventures in the jungle of South America.

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