Ebola makes re-deaths in the Congo

2a73b4fc1c2d5aa28a07b81a8ea904be - Ebola makes re-deaths in the Congo

The most recent ebola epidemic has already 55 deaths claimed in the east of Congo. The government argued in the meantime three months of free care. There is great concern, because the virus now emerging in a densely populated area.

On the most recent balance sheet of the ministry of Health are in Mabalako-Mangina, near Beni, the epicenter of the epidemic in the province of North-Kivu, 5 new deaths recorded. “In total, there are 96 cases of haemorrhagic fever reported in the region, of which 69 have been confirmed and 27 probable,” says the directorate-general for the fight against the disease.

The ministry of Health introduced free health care in the three areas most affected by the epidemic, Mabalako, Oicha and Beni. ‘The aim is to ensure that the financial threshold that could prevent the population to the health centers get, ” says doctor Bathé Ndjoloko Tambwe, who is responsible for the coordination of the disease control.

The average income of about 80 million Congolese is 1,25 dollar per day (about 1 euro). On 1 August, it was in Mangina in the North Kivu province, officially declared that the epidemic was.

Since 1976 ten ebola epidemics in Congo hit. But it is the first time that the virus is raging in a densely populated conflict zone, where the population is very mobile.

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