Dutch singer does throw to the semi final America’s Got Talent

Glennis Grace stands next night in Los Angeles on the stage of the live show of America’s Got Talent. The Dutch singer, originally from Amsterdam, fighting for a place in the semi-finals of the talent show.

“I have come so far. Even if I am now word uitgestemd, it would not feel like losing”, let the singer know. The past few months, she grabbed the judges of America’s Got Talent. Tonight she also needs the audience to convince her a place in the semi-finals of the talent show. Channel NBC hold out until the last moment as much as possible secret about the show.

In the quarter-finals, of which, only a day later the outcome is known, takes Glennis not only against other singers, but fighting them against a kattenact, a acrobatenduo and a stand-upcomedian. “Well, that’s America’s Got Talent, eh?”, laughs the singer. “If you don’t want that you need The Voice to join in.” She has appreciation for all her opponents. “If competition I can, of course, not so much, but I do think it is a nice aspect of this program that everyone has their passion, whatever that is.”

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