Dino-fish threatens to die

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Cape town – A bizarre species of fish that is older than the dino’s, threatens to die.

The million year old Coelacanth fish there will be no more

By drilling for oil off the coast of South Africa, it threatens last area where the Coelacanth, the ’living fossil’ lives to disappear.

The blue fish was only discovered in 1938. Until that moment thought of paleontologists that the Coelacanth is already tens of millions of years ago was extinct. The fish swam probably already 400 million years ago around.

Coelacanthen are the closest relatives of the longvissen, writes the Museon. Longvissen went to 350 million years ago on land, and all vertebrate land animals such as amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and also we people tribes there.

There life is now still very small populations Coelacanthen on the eastern side of Africa and Indonesia. In Sulawesi was the fish known as ’the king of the sea’.

In 2000, a new group was discovered in the east of South Africa. At that place wants to be an Italian company for oil drill.

A small oil spill can end mean of this group of ’dino-fish.

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