Death toll in Italian gap continues to rise

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ROME – at least ten people to life after they were swept away by rising water in the south of Italy. That says a spokeswoman for the civil beschermingsdienst. The victims were located in a gap in Calabria. Did heavy rains the water in a river to rise. According to Italian media became one Dutchman injured.

The identity of the victims is not yet published. There is still an unknown number of people missing. There is spot lighting installed, so that the search in the night from Monday to Tuesday can continue.

The deceased victims are believed to be of Italian hikers who were surprised by the water. Further were at least six people injured. The authorities have, inter alia, a helicopter used to allow victims to hospitals. The Italian news agency ANSA message that a total of 18 people have been rescued.

On the television footage is to see how rescue workers toesnellen. They used ropes to in the deep ravine to drop. The gap at the municipality of Civita is in part due to the impressive rock formations popular among the tourists. There are known five people missing, but that number is possibly higher. Probably were not all present in the canyon on the road with accredited guides.

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