Death toll flooding India to 375

b13bc82341cc9a27a55ca7306b93afdb - Death toll flooding India to 375

DELHI – The death toll due to the flooding in the South Indian state of Kerala has risen to 375. Also, the past few days is still about the 32,000 people saved that were stuck by the high water, reported to the authorities. More than a million people are housed in shelters.

The state went the last time, weighed down by heavy rainfall, but now would be the worst behind the back. The navy has announced its own rescue operation to build, now the high tides is in many places to withdraw. Some residents of the area return to their homes. They take sometimes snakes and snails in the flooded buildings, the message, the newspaper Hindustan Times.

Also, some infrastructure can be put into use. This is the opening to the busy International airport of Cochin is expected to be on 26 August the doors again. That complex went largely under water.

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