Danny Fabry takes monsterhit The Dinky Toys in hands

710933164d6abe15da0de350baa006e7 - Danny Fabry takes monsterhit The Dinky Toys in hands

Danny Fabry was on 3 August 70 years, but the likeable singer remains as a young foal Flanders trotting from one show to the other. The holy fire burns clearly still in Danny and as his audience also like to be on time and was new material and fun, the eternal optimist also excited to create new songs. For his last 2 solosingles, ‘Dancing on the reggaebeat’ and ‘Hello’, up popped Danny in the nineties-archives of the Low Countries, and made a swinging Dutch-language adaptations of the hit single ‘summer night’ of Leopold 3 and the René Froger-classic ‘Hello’. Both singles, philippines, for weeks in the upper reaches of the Flemish charts, and were very enthusiastically received by his fans, so Why change a winning formula? ” should Danny have thought of.

“I think all the time to you’, the new single by Danny Fabry, is a modern, English version of ‘I Can’t Keep My Hands Off You’, the catchy monsterhit van The Dinky Toys from 1992. Danny Fabry & The Dinky Toys according to the singer himself, who large of is of Cocojr. & co, already a perfect match.

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