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BitConnect Asia: the main suspect in Delhi arrested

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Indian media, according to Divyesh Darji, one of the backers of BitConnect Asia was, at 18. August in new Delhi arrested. The authorities suspect, Darji have directed the Asian region, the fraudulent Internet platform, up to the time of his arrest. Until it was clear, that it is a snow ball system, it was the BitConnect Coin is one of the world’s most successful Token at all.

One of the leading heads of BitConnect Asia last Saturday, was arrested in the attempt to India to enter. This is the local news portal DNA India reported. Employees of the immigration authority arrested Divyesh Darji at the time of its clearance in the airport of Delhi. Investigators describe him as the mastermind of the crypto stock exchange.

Background: The platform, rental and trading crypto-currencies, gives since January of this year, no more money to their customers. Previously, investors were able to borrow money, which you had paid to you depending on the term of a guaranteed profit. According to BitConnect Asia crypto bots should commit the necessary financial resources. Already shortly after the Start in February 2016 has been speculated that you could make payments only as long, as long as there was enough new customers that have in turn created money. After the announcement of the removal of the rental option and, thus, the unique characteristic of the house lost their own Token, over 90 percent of its value. In the absence of mass managed it once more, the salaries of employees in full pay. The Finale, signaled the beginning of January, adopted in actions brought by the securities authority of North Carolina, and Texas. Both agencies complain on suspicion of fraud and the lack of registration of the provider.

BitConnect: what’s next?

However, it is unclear whether a complete explanation of the background can lead to the bruised users receive at least a portion of their deposits. Of a full disclosure of all the circumstances, the authorities are removed but it seems still far away. The total loss of the plaintiffs estimate on 771.000 US Dollar.

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