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Binance: 90 percent of employees with private Token pay

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90 percent of the employees of the now Japanese Online trading platform Binance have decided against a Bank transfer. Your salary is paid monthly by Binance Coin (BNB). This was announced by the CEO, Changpeng Zhao to the news portal TechCrunch. Zhao was due to the cooperation with the Liechtenstein crypto asset Exchange (LCX) in Europe.

18. August, the editor-in-chief of the Online magazine TechCrunch on Twitter wrote, the managing Director told him that 90 percent of its employees have opted for a payout of their salary with the company’s own Token for BNB. The proportion of Token recipients among the employees is remarkably high.

Binance stretches out his Finger in the direction of Europe

Last week it announced the cooperation with the Crypto market for professional traders, Liechtenstein crypto asset Exchange. Binance will be for the technical implementation of the new stock exchange. The Rest is intended to cover the operating company from Liechtenstein. It will be possible, the crypto-Assets in Fiat currencies such as the Euro and the Swiss franc to trade. However, this is in Binance not possible. Changpeng Zhao’s company is moving with this cooperation on the European market.

Background: The Binance Coin (NBB) is the in-house Token of the trading platform. The ERC-20-Token Standard of Ethereum is used. The company saw due to the Beijing regulation in September 2017 compelled, along with the servers and the management to Japan to emigrate. That’s why Liechtenstein for the planned Online trading appears in space as a location makes sense, because the government has announced in the spring, a progressive regulation of crypto-currencies. In addition, Start-ups, using an own Blockchain legislation supported.

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