Ben Kingsley kept a picture Holocaustoverlevende on bag during filming

cafe501f623c6055f1fe7178409ef80b - Ben Kingsley kept a picture Holocaustoverlevende on bag during filming

The actor, who nazikopstuk Adolf Eichmann plays in Operation Final, used the photo of Elie Wiesel as inspiration.

Ben Kingsley wore during the filming of his new movie Operation Final, in which he is a fugitive nazi officer played, a photo of the deceased Holocaustoverlevende Elie Wiesel.

The film tells the true story of the hunt for and capture of Adolf Eichmann, the mastermind behind the Holocaust, in 1960. He used an alias when he after the end of the Second world War, going into hiding in Argentina.

Kingsley didn’t have much to do research on the background and the role of his character in the nazi regime, thanks to previous roles that he played over that period in the history. “This is the film the secret operation to see how Eichmann was finally caught,” says the British actor to the New York Post. “Details of how he was eventually found may for many be surprising, but not for me. I knew it long before I him played in this movie.”

“You have to understand that I have this history alive,” he says. “I played in Schindler’s List, Steven spielberg’s film about the Holocaust. And I played nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal in Murderers Among Us 1989.”

Kingsley also did a great deal of knowledge through his encounters with novelist Wiesel. He was inspired by the activist, which in 2016 died, by his photo on the set in the near. “My good friend (Wiesel) was a survivor of the Holocaust,” he explains. “I loved him. I dedicate this film to him. I carried his picture in my pocket during the shooting of the film.”

Operation Final, with, among others, Oscar Isaac, Nick Kroll and Joe Alwyn runs from next week in the cinema.

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