’Attacker Barcelona struggled with sexual orientation’

24baa2d7043bca8721e7ea661602d425 - ’Attacker Barcelona struggled with sexual orientation’

BARCELONA – The Algerian man who is a Catalan agent attacked with a knife, had his wife recently told that he was a homosexual. The man saw that according to sources around the research as a sin. He would therefore, to a kind of religious redemption have searched for, the message, the newspaper El País.

The wife of the killed man has now issued a statement. She told him that her husband with ’suicidal ideas’ came when they clearly had made the marriage to terminate. He was petrified that the muslim community behind his orientation would come.

The attacker had according to sources, no criminal background. He left for the attack a number of notes behind, including a message for his partner. “I’m going, by God’s will, according to the Great Place above,” he wrote. The Match referred nowhere to the jihad.

The police features footage of the attack in a police station in the Catalan Cornellà de Llobregat. The man comes in and is an agent, multiple bullets firing. The authorities think that the Match did not plan the attack to survive.

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