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Annemie Nijs return to VRT

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Annemie Nijs, until in 2004 a journalist for the VRT, returns to the public broadcaster as an advisor to ceo Paul Lembrechts. Until last year, she held a deputy burgomaster’s office for N-VA.

Annemie Nijs will soon ceo Paul Lembrechts assist in contacts with the government, other mediahuizen and distributors Proximus and Telenet. ‘With regard to the new management agreement, which by 2020 should be closed, it is evident that we have a good relationship developing with our stakeholders, ” says Lembrechts in a press release about her appointment.

The function is new, and according to VRT spokesman Bob Vermeir arise after the retirement of the director Lut Vercruysse, whose tasks otherwise were divided.

Political mandate

Nijs began her journalistic career at the Financial & Economic Time, worked from 1989 VTM and moved in 1994 to the VRT news desk. They defeated, among others, the war in ex-Yugoslavia and the first gulf war, for they have made the switch to the Rue de la loi and under more verkiezingsshows and Villa Politica presented. In 2004, she decided from the journalism and in the political company, first as president of Fientje Moerman, and then as chief of staff of Marleen Vanderpoorten (both Open VLD). In 2010 left the liberal party for N-VA, as a spokeswoman of Jan Jambon, when party leader in the Room.

If the VRT in its press release reports that Nijs ‘until recently worked as a consultant for several politicians of different parties’, then that is so correct. Only fails the public broadcaster revealing that Nijs also a political mandate: starting in 2015, she was the ships of Mobility, Culture, Heritage and Communication for the N-VA in the Eastern part of Flanders, De Pinte. Last year she asked her mandate at the disposal of the party, for personal reasons.

Not relevant

Mentions the VRT that not because she is afraid of reactions? There was recently also been murmurings about the return to The seventh day of Lisbeth Imbo, which is a ‘N-VA-stamp’ (even though that was never the party of employment or a mandate included). “We don’t mention it because it’s not relevant,” says Vermeir. ‘Annemie will get an advisory role behind the scenes, she is no longer a journalist. Moreover, everyone at the VRT works the right to politics. That is expressly stated as in the statute mentioned. There are still more people on the VRT that a partijkaart, or a political mandate recording. The only condition is that they do not do politics during the working hours.’

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