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Altcoin-market analysis cw34 – to Ripple (XRP) and Monero (XMR) rather mau

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The total market capitalisation has fallen to 212 billion dollars. Up on XRP and Monero (XMR) had to all the crypto of the Top currencies to cope with 10 losses. Most of these, however, remained in the single-digit range.

Name Price in US dollars Market capitalization in billion U.S. dollars Change of course within the week, in percent Course evaluation Support in US dollars Resistance in US dollars
Bitcoin 6.416,88 110,5 0 neutral 6.273,34 6.602,35
Ethereum 292,17 29,64 -8 rather bearish 281,10 306,74
XRP 0,33 13,17 10 neutral 0,32 0,37
Bitcoin Cash 545,19 9,43 -6 rather bearish 533,94 597,81
EOS 5,10 4,62 0 neutral 4,97 5,59
Stellar 0,22 4,14 -6 rather bearish 0,22 0,24
Litecoin 55,77 3,23 -7 bearish 54,36 59,79
Tether 1,00 2.73 -1
Cardano 0,10 2.56 in -13 bearish 0,10 0,11
Monero 97,51 1,59 2 neutral 95,69 102,74

Shows the price development of ten crypto-currencies with highest market capitalization, which is given in billions of US dollars.

After the dramatic price fall within the last two weeks, was able to catch the market in this week again. Although six out of ten crypto still have course currencies need to absorbing losses, but these are up to Cardano in the single-digit range. XRP could even refer to exchange rate gains of 13 percent.

The market capitalisation is accordingly fallen only slightly, from 218 billion dollars to 212 billion dollars.

Crypto spring on the rise? Not so fast. According to the Charts, the Outlook remains neutral at best. It remains to be seen how the prices of Supports and Resistances behavior. You manage to rise above the specified Resistances, one can think about a Long Position. In the case of Cardano and Litecoin a Short Position provides currently, at the time of the Resistance as the Stop Loss and the Support is used as a Target.

Best price development: XRP

Well, there you go: The Ripple rate was able to win in the last week, a whopping ten percent. Although it is, like the recent one in the course of analysis of the Top 3, still far from a real completion of the bottom formation, but a beginning is made. The exponential moving average EMA50 was outbid and currently the EMA100 is tested. Similarly, since the 14. August followed up put the trend to the test.

The MACD is positive but falling, the MACD line (blue) Signal (orange). The RSI is at 53. Overall, therefore, results in a neutral image. Accordingly, one should wait and see what direction the course is taking. He falls under the Support at $ 0.32, a Short Position in the still followed the upward trend, currently at 0.34, the U.S. Dollar, as the Stop Loss and the second Support as the Target serve can. The rate should rise above the 50-percent Fibonacci Retracement Level at about $ 0.35, a Long Position. As a Stop-Loss can get back the persecuted upward trend and Targets the two Resistances at $ 0.37 and $ 0.40 target.

Worst course development: Cardano (ADA)

August was certainly not a good month for Cardano: After the end of July, the Cardano-course and final the exponential moving averages EMA50 and EMA100 fell, it was this continued downward trend for the most part. 18. August, the price tried to rise above the EMA50, but fell again under the same.

The MACD is just below zero, but the MACD line (blue) is currently below the Signal (orange). The RSI is at 45. Together with the recently failed attempt of a breakthrough on the EMA50 to get a last impression. With a tight Stop Loss at the level of the EMA50, currently at $ 0.10, to the two Supports at 0,095 US Dollar and 0,086 US Dollar as the Targets. Should the rate on the Stop Loss rise to the first-mentioned Support as a Stop Loss for a Long Position and the two Resistances , 0.109 US Dollar and 0,123 US Dollar as the Targets.

Stability of the Top 10

The Top 10 are more stable than they were for a longer period of weeks: Between IOTA and Monero 10 percent, Cardano would have to win six per cent, to rise to Tether, and Stellar is still nearly 12 per cent of EOS.

Winners and losers in the course of fall

On average, all crypto are like currencies of six percent. Thus, currencies in a cut of all the Crypto is worse than the Bitcoin performs. In the Top 100, the Situation is different: These are, on average, risen by two percent.

Only 27 percent of the crypto-currencies within the Top 100 were able to show positive developments. Apart from the unknown Victims of the Pumps as TaTaTu and Cortex, is more well-known Assets: Ontology, Veritaseum, Nano and VeChain could all have gains over 50 percent. Ontology can certainly point to the Launch of the Main Nets. Nano was able to recently score points with a stress test, in which they reached 750 TPS. Loser of the week Aurora, which had to almost absorb 40 percent of the losses.

A total of 68 percent of the crypto-currencies within the Top 100 with a worse Performance than Bitcoin. The market share of Bitcoin currently stands at 52 percent.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

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