Youngest movie with Kevin Spacey only appears in ten American cinemas

‘Billionaire Boys Club’, the latest film with Kevin Spacey, will be in only ten cinemas in the US appear. That report filmsite Screen Rant. It is the first film with Spacey that released after the hollywood actor last year involved hit in a storm about alleged sexual abuse.

‘Billionaire Boys Club’ is a remake of the eponymous miniseries from 1987. The film follows a group of rich young men who through so-called ‘ponzifraude fast richer try to be.

The film also does a handful of international markets – are almost silent, because there is little to no marketing involved.

Last year accused ‘Star Trek: Discovery-actor Anthony Rapp Spacey of sexual harassment. The facts went back to 1986, when Rapp 14 years young. Then came several men forward with similar allegations. Spacey came out with a public statement, in which he stated that nothing reminded of the meeting with Rapp and out of the closet. Since then he freezes.

Spacey was then fired from the Netflix series ‘House of Cards’ and deleted from the film ‘All the Money in the World, where all his scenes were replaced by actor Christopher Plummer.

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