Woman’s death by scarf in wheel

60b83f89cba81a558546ebd16fec9194 - Woman's death by scarf in wheel

TAURANGA – In the New Zealand coastal city of Tauranga, southeast of Auckland, is Monday a woman’s bizarre way of life come. She was strangled by her own scarf, who got stuck in a wheel of her mobility scooter. The local police let us know that rescuers are quickly on the spot but too late to save her. The attempts of the victim to revive him failed.

A passing automobiliste had an ambulance called after she had seen that there was an emergency. The woman was all purple-faced and hung crooked on its means of transport. The witness thought I had a stroke. Because the lady with a thick jacket with hat wearing, was it not that she’s a badger that had been enmeshed.

The pathologist will investigate the cause of death.

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