Venezuela halts gasoline give away

b074f5fbda5368c3357a813ad913c334 - Venezuela halts gasoline give away

In Venezuela the petrol prices from Monday up. The socialist government wants to increase prices to the international level, while the Venezuelans until now with the equivalent of a euro a million litres of fuel could buy.

“I hope that within two years an end to the practice that, over time, scheefgegroeid is: we have gasoline as well as given away’, says president Nicolás Maduro. The government assumes that they alone, by benzinesmokkel to Colombia and the Caribbean each year, 18 billion dollars (15.8 billion euros) is lost.

Maduro reported last week already know that registered regeringsaanhangers, people who have a right to aid, and public transport will, however, still grants can get. “The people who do not reply to the call for registration which does not want to enjoy the direct grant, will the fuel at the international price to pay,” said Maduro was already in a tv-speech.

Due to the towering inflation deletes Venezuela Monday, five zeros from its national currency, the bolivar. The currency will now also be linked to the cryptomunt petro.


Venezuela is in a severe economic and political crisis since the collapse of the oil prices four years ago. Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans fled because of the shortages of food. But the neighbours want to Venezuelans without a passport not just to be admitted.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that the inflation in the South American country at unchanged policies by the end of 2018 will reach up to 1 million percent.

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