Twin Peaks inspires fashion designers H&M

ac0a8d4e32fe137bec8685d9845a6a22 - Twin Peaks inspires fashion designers H&M

Clothing store design clothing line with items from the cultserie.

Television series Twin Peaks lives on. The American channel Showtime gave earlier that there is no sequel comes to the series, but H&M has found a way to get the program to honor them. The clothing store comes out with a new collection inspired by Twin Peaks.

The series, with Kyle MacLachlan in the lead role as agent Dale Cooper, was a hit in the 90’s. After two seasons drew ABC network the plug from Twin Peaks. Last year turned the program 26 years after the last episode back on American television, with Showtime.

According to the company, the new H&M Studio collection is a combination of fashion of the years 50 and 90, exactly as in the series. Under the trench coat from Dale Cooper will return to the clothing line.

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