This autumn FOUR: Expedition Robinson

b9f3d9ba0793f9f02d5261b3b8add1c6 - This autumn FOUR: Expedition Robinson

Eighteen years after the very first season on the former VT4 brings FOUR this autumn, the original version of Expedition Robinson back on the screen, the most confrontational survivalprogramma in the world. A half year ago, 2000 people engage themselves in for the most ferocious adventure of their lives. This autumn, go seventeen total unknown Flemish people of different origins for 33 days the cut-throat battle with themselves, each other and the elements on a deserted island. The bet? A sum of 25.000 euros.
Not only the nature, the hunger and the taste, but also the opponents run driving participants to the utmost. A hard-as-nails, but bloedeerlijke survivalrace where everything revolves around power, leadership, conspiracies and intrigue.

Expedition Robinson, soon FOUR.

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