Terrorists attack police in Chechnya

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GROZNY – At multiple places in the Russian republic of Chechnya, terrorists have police officers attacked. Four archers are in accordance with the authoritarian leader of the republic, Ramzan Kadirov, was shot. Five agents were wounded. It was, according to Kadirov, a failed attempt to make the Eid al-Adha (festival of sacrifice) to disturb the peace.

According to Ramzan Kadirov, four of the five gunmen have been shot.

He said that the Islamic State is behind the attacks. The terreurbeweging has, according to sources in the Middle East on social media, indeed, the responsibility for the attacks was claimed.

Russian media reported that on Monday in the capital Grozny and in Sjali and in Mesker-Mongolian yurt, both southeast of Grozny, agents are bombarded. That’s what happened with firearms and during an attack drove a car agents in. One of the terrorists wanted to self-inflate, but the explosives didn’t go off.

The small 1.4 million inhabitants storey Chechnya in the Caucasus was the scene of bloody wars in the years 1994-2000. Initially tried Russian troops in vain the net independent Chechnya again in to incorporate. That devastated the country and resulted in rising crime and political and religious extremism. Kadirov try that as the dictator, the boss.

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