’Taliban let dozens of prisoners free’.

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KABUL – The Taliban have in Afghanistan at least forty members of the security forces released. They had located in the province of Faryab surrendered to the insurgents, the Afghan news channel TOLO.

Members of the Taliban.

The Taliban would the district of Bilchiragh in the province last weekend under the foot have walked. Dozens of pro-government troops laid down their arms. Several released detainees reported Monday that they had to surrender. They had to his own words, in vain asked for reinforcement and re-supply.

“The enemy had about 2,500 to 3,000 fighters who had Humvees and black artillery. We only had 26 soldiers and 20 officers”, complained to a high officer who, after his release. He suggested that the government was informed about the security problems in the district, but there would be no action taken.

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