So survived a flight attendant 10 hours in the sea

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Pula – The 46-year-old woman in the Adriatic sea, and overboard slapped on a cruise ship and only ten hours later the water was fished, had a special overlevingssttrategie.

Stewardess Kay Longstaff fell 100 km from the coast of Pula, Croatia at sea. That happened Saturday around midnight. The English had quite a bit drunk that evening. She wore a pair of shorts and a tank top.

Kay dobberde around and the seconds became minutes, and finally after ten hours, she was located.

Her rescuers said that she is with yoga exercises and singing in life. By the yoga she was also superfit. The singing, made them the cold of the 20 degrees warm water is not felt.

Kay is included in a local hospital with slight chills, but could, after investigation, already home.

An expert in survival-techniques says in The Sun that Kay all the luck in the world had it that the sea is so warm and calm. In a grade or a five to survive but an hour, at fifteen, already six o’clock. At 20 degrees to 25 hours of the maximum achievable. “But the greatest happiness that she had is that she was found. It is still searching for a needle in a haystack”, says Mike Tipton.

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