‘Sleeping beauty’, the musical from October in Flemish cultural centres

4d94b63cae43ac3397880807a7fe7ae0 - 'Sleeping beauty', the musical from October in Flemish cultural centres

After the Queen elizabeth concert hall, Theater Elckerlyc, Capitole and Ethias Theater “Sleeping beauty” this fall on tour! The production touches, from 6 October down in various cultural centers in Flanders.

The cast and the ensemble of the performance was slightly modified for this tour, but not to worry: as a spectator you still get the same enchanting experience as before! Production company Deep Bridge added two new names to the cast of the sprookjesmusical: Mark Tijsmans replaces Walter Baele as king and Afra Voesenek replaces Liv Van Aelst as queen. Helle Vanderheyden is princess -and the role of Good Fairy. Tinne Oltmans and Thomas Van Goethem continue to shine as a princess and prince.

Za 6/10/2018 CC The Plombom, Ninove

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