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Sexism in the stands of Lazio Roma: “Women are not allowed in our trenches”

7d12306be19a76e3ba08024244cbd811 - Sexism in the stands of Lazio Roma: "Women are not allowed in our trenches"

The first match day in the Serie A last weekend, was shocked by an act of sexism. During Lazio-Napoli (1-2) shared the Ultras of Lazio flyers with the explicit question to the women to the first ten rows in the Noordtribune in the Olympic Stadium of Rome, not to occupy.

“The Curva Nord is for us a sacred place, with unwritten rules that must be respected. We consider that the first rows since time immemorial as trenches, and women are not admitted. Women, wives and young fiancées are therefore kindly requested to include the first ten rows constitutes”, it sounds on the pamphlet, originally anonymous, was made.

“Who the stadium has been chosen as an alternative for a quiet and romantic day in Villa Borghese (one of the largest parks of Rome, ed.), may be better somewhere else”, is the message on the pamphlet, that social media is massively shared. The football club had to know right away that they away from the pamphlet. “We knew nothing of. It is an independent initiative of supporters from the Curva Nord. This is certainly not the vision of the club, we are opposed to any form of discrimination,” said spokesman Arturo Diaconal.

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