Right out of The Court it is sometimes a bit tired

01ca1b47896428d9532b96c3546f366a - Right out of The Court it is sometimes a bit tired

The Court is re-started. Judge Gerda Weymiens get this season back young people to the choose that the whole day is to chill out. The vice-president of the court of first instance of West-Flanders admits that it’s sometimes a little bit has had with all that gechill: “I get very often with people that don’t work, that because of their addiction to receive support from the social WELFARE office or the health insurance, then with that public money to buy drugs, and during the day nothing else to do than chill out,” she says in het Nieuwsblad. “Often they have no meaningful daytime activities, and they also do no effort whatsoever to have. They take drugs to stay awake and drugs to sleep. Sometimes it is me that is too much. We need all of those files thoroughly read, time to chill is not there. And in the evening I’m too tired for this.”

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