Pope writes an interesting letter: “We must have the atrocities recognise’

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In an open letter asks pope Francis to all catholics to abuse in the Church to eradicate.

Pope Francis has, in a letter addressed to all catholics for the forgiveness asked for the kindermisbruikschandalen within the Catholic Church. He admits that the pain of the victims long ignored and covered up.

“It is essential that we, as a Church, are able, to our shame and sorrow, the atrocities to acknowledge and to condemn were committed by ordained persons, priests and all those who were charged with the mission to the most vulnerable people to be vigilant and to take care of them,” writes the pope.

The pope promises that no effort will be spared to abuse and hide to prevent them. “We have realized that these wounds will never disappear and that we have these atrocities, powerful to judge.’

He asks the believers to ‘culture of death’ to eradicate.

In the letter the pope also, in a recent report on the abuses in the American state of Pennsylvania. There abused since 1940, three hundred priests, more than a thousand children.

According to the pope, include the most of the cases in the report to the past, but the report makes to him clear that the abuse long ignored and covered up.

The strong declaration of the church father falls a few days before the papal visit to Ireland, one of the countries that it hard been rocked by sexual abuse by clergy.

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