Pope condemns abuse unprecedented hard

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VATICAN city – Pope Francis, who had been confronted with numerous cases of sexual abuse of minors by priests in several countries, has a letter on unprecedented high legs written about these scandals. He called on all roman catholics in the world to help in the eradication of this culture of death’.

The religious leader, founded his firm words to “the people of God” and promised no action to eschew to this abuse and the cover up of it now to prevent. “We are convinced that the wounds never disappear. They force us to a powerful condemnation of these atrocities,” said Francis, who wants the 1.2 billion catholics to unite their forces to once and for all put an end to this evil practice.

The papal letter referred, inter alia, to the findings of a grand jury in the Us state of Pennsylvania, where spiritual leaders from years trespassed to minors. “Most of the cases in the report date back to a long time ago. That makes it clear that abuse all the time was ignored, concealed or in the cover up stopped.” Similar cases were recently exposed in Chile and Australia.

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