Peculiar excuse treinsurfer

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Brussels – A 16-year-old boy who was caught when he was on the back meesurfte on a train 130 miles reed, has a remarkable statement.

This photo of a treinsurfende a teenager in Belgium went viral. He did have a simple explanation.

The Belgian teenager was photographed by a passenger who was between Halle and Edingen. It is a miracle that he the ride has survived, for instance, the Belgian railways, SNCB.

The boy stated after his arrest: “I had to be home on time from my mother and the treindeuren were closed. That’s why I went, but to the locomotive, hanging.”

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Friday afternoon around half past four, he had the train to Brussels to get caught. The doors were closed. He asked the conductor if he could. He seemed to be dripping.

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But in reality, he jumped on the step on the back of the locomotive and clung to a handle. That he held 20 kilometers full. The train pulled out it speeds up to 130 kilometers per hour.

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“There was but one vliegje in his eye, and he was there from cases,” said a spokesperson from NMBS in The Newspaper.

A witness in the train called the police. So he could in Halle be held.

The NMBS is the statement of the boy that he was in a hurry, a bit strange. Because ten minutes later another train.

The 16-year-old is prosecuted, and according to the newspaper risking at least three months in prison and a fine of between 1,200 and to 8,400 euros.

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