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Nicki Minaj: “Spotify wanted me a lesson’

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Queen, the new studio album from Nicki Minaj, landed this week in second place in the American charts. That was not to the liking of the American rapper, which her arrows had aimed for the top spot. According to her, cease Spotify and Travis Scott a stick for her success.

“Spotify wanted me a lesson,” writes Nicki Minaj via Twitter. She is accusing the streaming service of it but lauwtjes promo for her album, because her new music first had to be heard through her radio channel at competitor Apple Music. “My label wanted me not to defend for fear that she Ariana (Grande, ed.) the same ‘lesson’ learn!’, tweet them yet.

A representative of Spotify responded in the meantime. “Spotify supported Nicki Minaj with a sign frame on Times Sqare, a spot in the main playlists, New Music Friday, and in the window display of the latest releases. Thanks to these promotional efforts was her single ‘Bed’ was significantly more playable’, it sounds there.

Also fellow rapper Travis Scott, who is the first place in the charts and secured, it had to ongelden. The practice where he downloads sell with a concertticket, according to her, a artificial verkoopstruc. That so-called ‘ticketbundels’ to do not only with Minaj eyebrows frown. So adorned at the beginning of march, suddenly, an older album of Bon Jovi at the top of the charts.

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