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Lana Del Rey defends gig in Israel

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The American singer Lana Del Rey criticism on her planned gig in Tel Aviv.

Occur in Israel remains very politicized. That may also Lana Del Rey encounter. Several fellow musicians calling for a cultural boycott of Israel, but Lana Del Rey says that an action does not per se mean that they are the government of the country in question supports.

“I believe that music is universal and us together should bring,” responds the singer. “I would like to point out that performing in Tel Aviv not a political statement, just as in California sing does not mean that my views match that of my current government.’

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, who regularly artists as a call to their gig in Israel, to cancel, asked Lana Del Rey to her decision to reconsider. ‘We doubt that during the apartheid regime in South Africa would have played. So would artists also have to refuse to act on the Israeli apartheid regime.’

Last year cancelled the New Zealand pop star Lorde is still her gig in Israel after similar criticism. Her decision was supported by musicians such as Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel and Roger Waters.

But other musicians will hold on. Nick Cave said that he was a matter of principle wanted to make to everyone that musicians want to censor. Radiohead suggested that, in a country play is not the same as the government it supports. “We support Netanyahu no more than Trump, but we still play in America,” said frontman Tom Yorke.

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