Jani for the third time under the knife: the doctor feared for his life

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How much bad luck can a man have? Ask us a time at Jani Kazaltzis because if we write that he is a dramatic summer behind the back, then that is certainly no exaggeration.

Tuesday evening 21 August Jani Kazaltzis guest at Bryno Wyndaele in The zomert with…
In The zomert with… tell Jani about the surgery on his wijsheidstanden him this summer almost killed had become. He made of his free summer days use to two wijsheidstanden to remove, but his recovery was not as planned. “Once at home, hung my bed full of blood, my voice was gone and I thought: this is not true,” he says against Bruno. “I’ve got my love to awake, and on a note written, ” bring me now to the hospital, because I couldn’t talk more.”

Jani was again operated on, but his jaw continued to swell. In another hospital, the gravity of the situation clear soon, it turned out to be a heavy bacteria. Jani had an abscess that had spread to his heart and lungs, and was for a third time surgery. “We have much to worry about. At a given moment, said the doctors told my friend: “There is a big chance that things go wrong.’”

Meanwhile, Jani recovering, but he has a scare for operations at the school. “They are saying that it is a small operation, but I think that no surgery is small. There is always a risk. I’m so not a facelift more to do.”

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