India fears outbreak of epidemics after floods

09b049f4361bf873f1749f7554d0d04d - India fears outbreak of epidemics after floods

The worst flooding since 1924 have in India all 341 deaths. But the emergency services fear that the stagnant water epidemics can break out, what for more victims.

In the southern state of Kerala are about a million people packed together in such a 3.700 shelters. Live In the region a total of some 34 million people.

By the floods are still large areas blank. Because there are often carcasses of the animals lying in rotting, fear the government for the outbreak of infectious diseases.

The Indian government sends as a precaution already 60 tonnes of medicines to the region, and involves specialized medical teams ready.

In the first 19 days of August fell according to measurements 164 percent more rain than usual in the region. The damage of the floods is estimated at almost € 2.5 billion. The worst material suffering seems ago: the flooding will not increase. Perhaps there may be, from today, flights land on the main local airport, and trains can drive out.

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