Idris Elba embraces midlife crisis now he has the 50 is approaching

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The actor takes on the battle against the midlife crisis by himself all the time and not sitting still.

Actor Idris Elba accepts the fact that his midlife crisis for the door. He celebrates the next month of his 46th birthday, and instead of that he slow down is going to do, is the Brit busier than ever, with several tv and filmklussen. In addition, Elba also regularly as a dj, he goes his own record company set up and he designs clothes for SuperDry.

Last year the actor still to be seen in the Discovery Network series Idris Elba: Fight, where he was followed in command to be in 12 months time as a professional kickboxer.

Elba also admitted that he was always facing new challenges, in order to avoid that he stays. He wants to be fit and stay active for as long as possible.

“There comes a time when you’re 40, 45 years and you feel ‘See, I start my youthfulness to lose, I approach the 50’”, he tells The Observer Magazine. “You will come to a point that there is little news more in life, because most things already have done. I want to prevent by every time to take on new challenges. Some people may find annoying, because I never sit still. But I think we all once dead, and we have plenty of time to sit still.”

In addition to all the hustle and bustle with his work, Elba is also planning to soon for the third time to marry. He asked his girlfriend Sabrina Dhowre the beginning of this year in marriage. It was a surprise for his fans, after he had previously let us know that, after two wrecked marriages have no interest in getting married. “I fell in love with and got the feeling that I have the rest of my life want to spend with this person,” explains Elba the upcoming wedding.

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