High-ranking ex-officials turn against Trump

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177 former employees of the American ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Pentagon have their name added to an open letter which is very critical for the recent decision of president Donald Trump to the security clearance of former CIA director, John Brennan.

Middle of last week, the American president that Brennan will no longer have access should have to sensitive and confidential information. That access is not unusual for high officials, even after they are off their function force. But Trump accused him of ‘wandering behaviour’ and pulled his permission.

The day after it wrote to Brennan in The New York Times that Trump, according to him, ‘clearly desperate (is) has become to himself and his neighbors to protect’. “Therefore, he has a politically motivated decision was taken to my security clearance to be revoked, in an attempt to others who would dare to to challenge him, silenced.’ In the weekend, he also still know legal steps to consider against the depriving of the permission.

‘An honor’

In the meantime, had several high-ranking ex-employees of the American intelligence services in their support for Brennan expressed. Former admiral William McRaven did that Thursday morning in an op-ed in the Washington Post. “I would be a honor if you my rights would also have to withdraw the’ left McRaven noted. ‘So can my name be added to the list of men and women who are public have spoken out against your president.’

At Thursday night had a further twelve former directors and deputy directors of the CIA issued a joint statement ready and at Friday there were three signatures. In the declaration, the revocation of Brennans security clearance labelled as “inappropriate and very unfortunate” and ” a clear signal to other former and current officials’. “Never, we saw that such a withdrawal was used as a political instrument, as had happened.’ According to the noble goes to pure oppression of freedom of expression’.

In the meantime, have 177 former employees of the American ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Pentagon is publicly connected with the original joint statement. “We are convinced that the country was weakened as a kind of political litmus test is required before someone’s opinion it may express’, it sounds.

‘Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt’

What later drew Donald Trump for a response to Twitter. First, he called Brennan “the worst CIA director in history,” and he hopes to own say that Brennan is a trial start. ‘It will be very easy to have all the archives, messages, e-mails and documents to look at which will prove that he is not only bad work produced, but also was involved in the Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt (research that special prosecutor Robert Mueller to possible Russian interference in the American presidential elections, ed.).’

In another tweet directed Trump to the signatories. ‘Everyone wants his security clearance to maintain, because there is a lot of prestige and cost a lot of money. It therefore supports everyone Brennan, not because he is such a good work produced.’

‘Trump complains about Fed boss Powell

Trump would in the meantime, during a benefietbijeenkomst also critical comments about president Jerome Powell of the Federal Reserve (America’s central bank, ed.). According to three attendees complained Trump about the raising of interest rates by the dome of the U.s. central banks, led by himself, appointed Powell.

The Fed raised interest rates already this year five times, including two times since Powell took the reins from Janet Yellen. Trump would have said that he expected Powell to “cheap money” would provide. A rate hike actually means that borrowing money more expensive.

The Fed is an independent body. Last month told Trump that he was “not pleased” was about the most recent rate hike (in June). Previous presidents abstained from criticism of the Fed is out of respect for the independent status of the body. Trump took earlier stand against the policy of Powell but not so much on the man as now.

Trumps comments are worked through in the financial markets. The value of the dollar dropped to its lowest level of the day after notification about it. The Fed intends interest rates this year even two times to increase. Most market commentators go there now that Powell is not under pressure put by Trump and actually two interest rate increases apply.

Trump had no good relationship with the pastor of Powell. He complained during his election campaign several times about its policy, and Yellen, in her turn, criticised the plans of the then presidential candidate Trump.

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