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Google Play Store: Many Mining Apps in spite of prohibition available

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With the introduction of new programming guidelines should disappear at the end of July actually, all the Mining Apps from the Google Play Store. A study by The Next Web (TNW) but it also brought to light a very different result. In the prohibition, neither the provider hold at the moment, still seems to care about Google much. The announcement was more than a storm in a water glass?

Users of Android Smartphones should be held since the end of July, effectively being able Apps from the crypto-Mining from the Google App Store to download. The lock is for free as for paid programs alike. At least that’s the theory. But Google has its App Store, obviously still in the grip. Who seeks simply for the term “cryptocurrency miner”, will immediately find it.

Ban is just a PR Stunt?

The manufacturers have not even attempt to hide the purpose of their Software from Google. The providers have not altered the description of their products or the typical Keywords included, to make it difficult to Google the control. In the descriptions it explains how to get straight to the beetle, what is the purpose to comply with the Apps. We were also able to account for Apps that were updated a few days ago. The lack of control relates to old as well as young representatives of the Stores. The crypto-currency is most often in Secret dug out of the ground, by the way, the Monero (XMR).

Compared to the magazine Hard Fork of TNW, several security researchers have expressed the view that they will keep a ban on Mining Apps for useful. Many of the programs were only for the benefit of the developer and not the user created. Among the many programs available a lot of malicious software, or Apps, which would play for users with only one function. Google contacted TNW and explained that the Software-producers have until the end of August, your Apps to the new guidelines. This alone would explain why it has not changed the offer.

Google Play Store is often the point of contact for cyber criminals

Unfortunately, the Android Store is noticed in the past more frequently due to the emergence of dangerous Apps. Although Google announces again and again, the own Load to clean up. However, new Trojans, as a rule, the right spin, Advertising and other spy Software have changed Google’s statements of intent to date. The programmers have almost two weeks to change your Apps, or delete them. However, it is rather doubtful whether the offer of programs will look from the beginning of September really so much different than it is now.

Android vs. iOS

The buyers of iPhones and iPads has been closed, although, of course, in a Golden cage. However, Apple is also known to take care of relatively intensive to the safety of the users of their Hardware. In addition, the company from Cupertino is rigorously against any violators of their guidelines.

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