Gert Verhulst and Jani Kazaltzis bring ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to Flanders

07b95cad9986e75dac264610cc6f2d79 - Gert Verhulst and Jani Kazaltzis bring 'Dancing with the Stars' to Flanders

Gert Verhulst and Jani Kazaltzis go this fall live the dance program Dancing with the Stars’, present on FOUR, as the station announced today. It will BV’s eight episodes long, the juries and the viewers try to convince their danskwaliteiten.

On weekdays, choose FOUR for familiar titles such as ‘The Court’, ‘Expedition Robinson’, ‘UEFA Champions League’ and ‘Bake Off Flanders’.

From the first day of school until the christmas holidays bring both ‘Gert Late Night’ as ‘The Smartest Man in the World’ in the same time slot wide entertainment and late evening entertainment in the living rooms. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the time for football, ” Sports Late Night.”

Also ‘Level 4’ of producer Eric Goens gets a new season, in which the police forces of Hasselt, Sint-Niklaas and Aalst, be followed. It is a particularly rough, spectacular and sobering series”, it sounds.

Bartel Van Riet takes the presentation of the survivalprogramma ‘Expedition Robinson’. This seventeen unknown Flemish people who appeared together on a desert island, and the winner after 33 days and went home with € 25,000.

Lastly, FOUR to the trusted vooravondprogramma ‘Huizenjagers’, with a third season.

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