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Freedom of speech-to-ECHO KW33 – A Bitcoin exchange rate doesn’t make a Bitcoin

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The price of Bitcoin. days after a Dip below the 6000 US Dollar mark again stable over the same keep Many of the commentators now see the opportunity for Bitcoin purchase. Others see the fall from its all-time high in December 2017 not yet finished. The expression ECHO for the calendar week 33.

The application stands out Bitcoin exchange rate

Melten Demirors finds it problematic to assess Bitcoin, only on the basis of his Course. The chief strategist for Coinshare, an asset Manager for digital Assets, proposes on CNBC an alternative scale for the evaluation of the crypto-currency: the degree of adaptation. Both institutional and private investors should focus less on the current price, rather than on the extent of the use of the digital currency. Although not yet sure if or when the Bitcoin price gains. But he was probably on the verge of developing a “real traction” (“real traction”).

Comparisons between crypto currencies and the Internet bubble of the 90s, the years have been many, especially when it comes to the Bursting of that bubble. Also Demirors tried this comparison, stresses a different aspect: the technical innovation. Technologies that usher in a paradigm shift, need always some time to travel. So be it Intel, Microsoft & co. have fared in the times of the Dotcom bubble. So Amazon took nine years to recover from the Bursting of the Dotcom bubble. In the case of Microsoft it would have taken almost twice as long.

“Permabulle” predicts post-capitalism

The massive price rally of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies in December 2017, the well-known fear to miss a thing, (Fear of Missing Out, FOMO) writes Demirors,. Now the real business would be developed with relevant use cases, Demirors. Now, because of the institutional interest on or in the crypto space waxes, could be the time of the Bitcoins. If it were not for the failure would be a failed Narrative, of his unfitness as a store of value.

Dan Morehead, CEO of crypto financial services provider, Pantera Capital, you will not see the Bitcoin price is still a long way to go:

“It is very likely that it is the low point for the industry. My usual view is that he will return to his Trend,“

Morehead said, according to the CCN at a conference for ICOs and digital Assets on 14. August. There, he schools also make Use of the Blockchain as a “aymmetrischstem risk-trading” he had ever seen. You can’t lose anything, and the Bitcoin have the potential to be a 25-fold price increase. Something like this would have other investment opportunities to offer.

Although Morehead is looking through the ice cold investors glasses on crypto-currencies, he sees no contradiction in it, to philosophize at the same time about the upcoming “post-capitalist age.” Also the Altcoins could benefit from a Short Squeeze of Bitcoin.

“In the last 60 days, was Bitcoin really at the forefront – a lot of it had to do with the speculation about an ETF. But today, one could observe that the Ethereum [ … ], while a Coin like Stellar lumen wacker still hits. A Short Squeeze 10-, 15-percent Bitcoin-made-price growth should also lift the other back up.“

“B. K.” bears not in vain the title of “Permabullen”.

Altcoin dams of

Ted Rogers looks for most of the Altcoins have no future.

“We could find ourselves in the midst of the extinction of the “crypto-assets”, have said that many of the maxima lists. Over 90 percent of the CoinMarketCap list will eventually disappear – could happen now“,

tweeted the President of the Wallet provider Xapo on 14. August.

The low Bitcoin exchange rate was, however, an ideal opportunity to invest.

Not all are so optimistic when it comes to the future of the mother of all crypto-currencies. In contrast to his TV colleague, Brian Kelly CNBC-Moderator Jim Cramer, go to the sun for Bitcoin.

“I think the tide has turned against him. […] I am not saying that his time is expired, but I have a hunch that the Bitcoin sun goes down.“

Cramer can imagine that the price of Bitcoin between 800 and 1,000 U.S. levels off dollars.

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