FIVE shy away from controversy, not this fall

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Television station FIVE grabs this fall not only with a new zenderlook, but also with three high-profile programs: ‘Sex Tape, ‘Tipsy’ and ‘OH MY GOD’. “The biggest vrouwenzender in Flanders shying away from september, no taboo and is confronted with some controversial and surprising themes. Everything should be discussable, both on and off the tube”, it sounds today.

Seksuologe Goedele Liekens will the new studioprogramma ‘Sex Tape’ presentation. Therein couples to a guest that a week-long their life and relationship will be filming in the bedroom. Together with them, evaluates Liekens than their relationship and their sex life. The fairly explicit trailer with Pommeline, and Fabrizio from Temptation Island did certainly raised some dust.

In ‘Tipsy’ examines Cat Kerckhofs, the wife of the Red Devil Dries Mertens, along with her sister Lyn, the border between normal and abnormal alcohol consumption. When you are a gezelligheidsdrinker and when is it problematic? And what does that drinking with your body?

The third new range is the six-part reality tv series, ‘OH MY GOD’. Temptation-verleidsters Yasmine and Chloe pulling therein, together with three other so-called ‘millenniummeisjes’ to a catholic slotklooster. There they have a few weeks without cigarettes, alcohol, parties, men, and smartphones. In return they get an invitation to reflect in the silence of the monastic life.

Also station SIX proposed today are najaarsprogrammatie for. The most notable news there is that the new radio station NRJ daily to follow will be on SIX from three september. Radiomaakster Kim Muylaert will that day live on the striker in line for 6 hours.

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