Figurehead #metoo accused of unwanted sexual behaviour

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The Italian actress Asia Argento, who is one of the pioneers of the #metoo-movement, is himself accused of sexual harassment. It would be the American actor and musician Jimmy Bennett 380.000 dollar (332.000 euros) to let him remain silent about the sexual abuse when he was 17 years old

The newspaper New York Times, which documents the lawyers of Bennett was sent, writes that Argento, the now 22-year-old actor sexually abused in a hotel room in California in 2013, when he was 17 years old. She was then 37. Bennetts lawyers said that the experience traumatic it was for Bennett, and also would his career have suffered under the events.

In the documents, which also includes a selfie of the two in bed may 9, 2013, is also the intent of Bennett, in which he 3.5 million dollars in compensation demands. He accuses Argento of ‘intentional harm of emotional distress and loss of salary as a result of sexual violence’.

Eventually paid Argento so 380.000 dollars to the young actor. The conditions for the agreement, including an installment plan, in april of this year. Argento has not yet responded to the allegations.


The news about the alleged abuse comes as a huge surprise, partly because Argento is one of the first women who filmmagnaat Harvey Weinstein accused of sexual abuse.

She told Weinstein she was raped in a hotel room in Cannes in 1997, when she was 21 years old. She was one of the pioneers of the #metoo movement, sexual harassment and unacceptable behaviour wants to sue. During the Cannes film festival this year, stated Argento still that ‘things have changed. It is people not just with things let get away.’

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