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Fernando Alonso: “I have to leave F1 because they are predictable has become”

3a1a395cd971fc681cfa721adea4f851 - Fernando Alonso: "I have to leave F1 because they are predictable has become"

Fernando Alonso gives some more explanation on his retirement from Formula 1, he let us know that the lack of action on the track, the main reason is why he’s the F1 turns its back.

The Spaniard let you know that he is at this time that other, bigger challenges, after the Formula 1. Tuesday he know that he’s not at the start of the F1 season in 2019, but he left the door ajar for a return if McLaren again more competitive for the day would come.

“I have other, greater challenges than that of F1, me can offer in this moment,” said Alonso. “It’s a sport that I’ve enjoyed for the last seventeen or eighteen years of my life. I think I achieved a lot more did than what I made in 2001, dare to dream and at this time, the action on the track is not of the kind that I had dreamed of when I was in F1 came from the other series, or the action that I have seen in other years have had.”

“The biggest part of my announcement was about sad moments or moments of frustration in the last few years when the results remained. I have eighteen years in F1 racing and I have two titles won. Then you could say that I was sixteen years unlucky but that is not the case at all.”

Little action on the track
“I stopped because I think there’s little action going on the track. We talk in the Formula 1 is more about what is out there besides the job is done. There is always a lot of discussion and we talk about radioboodschappen, since we talk always about.”

“If we start talking about those things is that a bad sign. That is to say that there is on the job not much to see. That is the feeling that I currently have in the Formula 1, and I think that there are other sequences where there are greater challenges, more enjoyment and more happiness to find.”

Alonso also know that the lack of a competitive car in the last few years has also contributed to his decision to quit but that it still was different than during the other years that he could not fight for the victory.

F1 is too predictable become
“In the years 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2011, I won no races but when no one could predict what was going to happen at Spa or Monza. Now we can all predict what will happen in Spa or Monza, you can take the first fifteen positions guess with maybe one or two errors. It is difficult to see how predictable everything has become. We came to Barcelona and after a day of testing, you already know almost what you are going to do in Abu Dhabi.”

“It is heavy. For me personally it’s ok because I after eighteen years and more have reached than I had imagined. But for younger or other riders, it is more difficult, because they always hope the next year when the team made a big step forward will be to create, or that they offer will get from other teams.”

“For riders with some ambition will be very difficult if nothing changes,” concludes Alonso last weekend, the 6h of Silverstone in the WEC won.

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