Embassy of USA in Ankara shot, Erdogan speaks of the ’economic war’

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ISTANBUL – Unknowns have the embassy of the United States in the Turkish capital of Ankara with gunshots taken under fire. The local authorities confirmed Monday that from a moving car, six bullets are fired. No one was injured.

The high-security Us embassy in Ankara.

Three bullets hit the iron door, and a window of the stentofon security system at the entrance. Unknown yet how many suspects. They managed to escape. The police is looking for the perpetrators and the white car in which they sat. David Gainer, the spokesman of the Us embassy, thanked the Turkish police for the quick response.

On the images of the broadcaster Habertürk is to see that agents in the damage record of the entrances of the building to inspect. On the spot are also cartridge cases found. The embassy is this week in close connection with the Eid al-Adha, the feast of sacrifice. The property was, as well as the consulate in Istanbul, which is often the target of militants. The threats are legion.

The relations between the US and Turkey are currently very tense. The governments of both countries have a conflict over the American reverend Andrew Brunson, who is in Turkey on charges of terrorism is detained.

Erdogan: ’Economic war’

The US has recently imposed sanctions and strafheffingen to Turkey imposed as drukmiddel to Brunson to to get free. As a result, the national currency, the lira, the last time greatly dropped in value. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks of a economic war”.

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