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Dutchman must after 55 hours swim stop ‘Elfstedentocht’

0b22948be91a4c09f4e1f42e11530afd - Dutchman must after 55 hours swim stop ‘Elfstedentocht’

The Dutch topzwemmer Maarten van der Weijden has his stunt is not able to accomplish. He is sick and had to stop his Tour.

Maarten van der Weijden has Monday afternoon are Elfstedenzwemtocht must cease. After 163 km and 55 hours of swimming, he was not good and he decided, in consultation with his doctors to stop, reports news agency ANP.

The 37-year-old Van der Weijden was on the way to Dokkum, the last Frisian town that he still had to do. He already had some hours delayed, and it was clear that it would not succeed on schedule at 19: 00 hours to finish in Leeuwarden.

Very cold
After noon, he decided for a break to briefly rest, the swimmer was very cold. He was examined by his doctors, who concluded that salinity does not work out. Spectators cheered the athlete from the meadows on the side while he was out of the water was removed. Van der Weijden going to the hospital for control.

In an interview with the organization of the Elfstedenzwemtocht he said it all in the morning from the water, “a spicy night” behind-the-back. On live images of his trip was to see his work significantly delayed. Van der Weijden said “his best” to want to do this to Dokkum in any case, but that turned out to be kilometers later, however, to be too much.

800,000 euros
The trip is now definitely 800.000 euros were collected for cancer research, says a spokesperson from his team Monday morning, compared to news agency ANP. The organization expected that this amount would go up. Van der Weijden received during career as a swimmer leukemia.

The last few days, thousands of spectators, Van der Weijden cheered from the quayside and bridges. Also old-skater Erben Wennemars and comedian Freek de Jonge, run for a few hours to Van der Weijden mental support.

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