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Coins Bank invites crypto enthusiast to the Blockchain Cruise

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Coins Bank has planned another exceptional Blockchain Cruise for 2018. The Background: Blockchain Cruise one global Blockchain conference on Board a luxurious cruise ship, which sends the participants on a 5-day tour with training and Networking.

This time, the cruise takes you over the Mediterranean sea. Of 7. to 11. September 2018, the young cruise tradition of the company to be held for the third Time. The planned activities seem to be the perfect combination of fun and Learning. So for all crypto-currency professionals and enthusiasts out there: you should not miss.

Coins Bank second Blockchain Cruise

The second edition of the Blockchain Cruise took place in early 2018, and led the guests on a journey through Asia with stops in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. The trip was so fun and educational as it promises to be the upcoming cruise. However, there are many improvements that has made the coins for the Bank, to ensure that the experience is really unique.

What can you expect from the third Time?

Luxurious accommodations and amenities.
This time the entire ship for the event is reserved. This means that it gives Enthusiasts a capacity of up to 2,500 crypto. It will be an amazing Networking opportunity. The luxury ship has numerous high-quality amenities to make the trip even more enjoyable. Large Decks to spend with breathtaking views, swimming Pools and numerous other opportunities for his leisure time in the Indoor and outdoor area.

Stunning Stopovers.
The cruise takes its guests through some of the most beautiful and famous tourist destinations along the Mediterranean coast. This includes ports of Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Ibiza. You are one of the most beautiful and most culturally diverse places not only on the Mediterranean coast, but also in the world. It is free to explore these places during the stops in between automatically. There is a better way to swipe a few of these places of your wish-list?

Versatile Entertainment Options.
Remember that the Blockchain Cruise only the conference, but have fun and share a love and passion for crypto-currency. The well-organized entertainment programme ensures the fun part. For those who like to dance and party, there are DJs, Bands and dance floors on the ship. In addition, there are many parties on the route, including a legendary event in Ibiza, before returning to Barcelona.

Over 100 Speaker.
This is the icing on the cake (or rather, dozens icing on the cake) the Blockchain Cruise. Regardless of the Party, the core of the trip is to learn more about the crypto-currency industry. Numerous speakers will present different perspectives and new ideas for the development of the sector. They represent a wide range of Bitcoin pioneers and financial market experts, including politicians and researchers. Some of the big names on this list, John McAfee, founder of McAfee Security, Bobby Lee, the founder of the BTCC, the world famous crypto and Blockchain expert, Roger Ver, who is currently the CEO of Bitcoin Cash, and the Venture Capitalist, and philanthropist, Brock Pierce. They will give lectures on very different topics, in order to guarantee a varied Agenda. In addition to presentations in conference style, Workshops, individual talks, exhibitions and much much more.

What is on the Agenda?

The primary objective of the cruise is to guarantee your guests a good time. With all of the planned amenities and activities that will undoubtedly be a great success. The second part of the Agenda is to make the guests more about the crypto world to teach.
The following topics will be treated:

  1. Keep track of your crypto Investments:
    This includes lectures and Workshops on trading strategies, scalability, cyber security, and much more. The associated risks are addressed.
  2. Regulations understand:
    As a relatively new asset in the financial market the rules for crypto currencies yet clearly defined. The Blockchain Cruise will include program points in which the rules and regulations of the trade in America and other countries involved will be discussed.
  3. Blockchain 101:
    Finally, numerous discussions and presentations around the theme of the Blockchain on the program. Special attention will be paid to the difference between theory and practice, the Management of Blockchain projects, and more.

Book now your cabin

This is a great opportunity for all of you that have an insatiable Hunger for new information. Billions of transactions are made in the office, but always in the communication and cooperation with the right people. Such a journey, the fun, training and casual Get combined together, offers phenomenal opportunities for such Connections.

Have we made you curious? To get visits to the website for more information about the trip and your Ticket to the biggest crypto-currency Event in 2018.

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