Call Mormons are not Mormon

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Mormons may not itself be a Mormon more call and they ask other people the same. It is the will of God.

Use no longer the word “Mormon”, if you are talking about that religion, with 16 million members worldwide, has followers, but concentrates more around the Us state of Utah. Certainly not when you yourself are one, and also otherwise, you are kindly requested that the term will no longer use it.

Russell Nelson (93), which, since January the Church of Latter Day Saints’ lead – such as always follows the longest member of the Quorum of the twelve apostles ” a dead leader – has not long delayed to make his mark. According to the new guidelines on the website of the church should the word only be used in the title ” The book of Mormon’, their alternative to the Bible – but no longer in terms of ‘the Mormon faith, ‘Mormon followers’ or whatever.

Mormons, excuse me followers of the Church of Latter Day Saints, believe that God communicates directly through their chairman. That Russell Nelson claims that God made to him ‘the importance of the change of name deep in his mind has ingedrongen’, therefore, is for believers, absolutely take it seriously. Also “LDS”, the abbreviation which is often used, is no longer allowed.

The name change has a lot of practical consequences: a variety of books, websites, documentaries, the cds of the renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir: in principle, everything needs to change its name. The Mormons, however, have in the past been more drastic changes need to swallow. As they were once known for their polygamy. John Smith, their founder, would be forty women have had. Under pressure from the U.s. government, was the practice of polygamy by the leadership of the church banned in 1929. Officially, it exists today only in a few ‘renegade’ villages. The government leaves that turn a blind eye.

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