Australian smokers must be 25 euro per package pay

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Australia lives up to its reputation as the most expensive country in the world for smokers again all honor. The price for a pack of cigarettes increases in september to nearly 40 Australian dollars, converted more than 25 euro, per pack of 30 cigarettes.

The Australian government decided last year to 2017, the price for cigarettes annually, on september 1, with a 12.5 percent increase, and that until 2020. That permanent rise in prices, together with the use of neutral and parcels very strict tabaksregels have ensured that cigarettes are almost entirely from the public space are gone. The sale of tobacco to minors will be prohibited and each image of cigarette brands banned.

Incidentally, attract the federal authorities and all Australian federal states on the same cord: with the exception of the street and a few places such as arcades should be there as well as nowhere to be smoked or ‘gevaped’, including caféterrasjes, beaches, and even to the prison.


Also the fines are for you to say. Who is considering to overseas visitors a cheap(er) stock tobacco to bring them for the effort: airline passengers are allowed to own only 25 cigarettes per person in the country to bring.


According to figures from the national health research of the Australian service Statistics, the decline in the number of smokers in the country from 27 percent in 1990 to 15 percent in 2014-2015. So that’s almost half a quarter of a century time.

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