Attack in police station in Barcelona was a failed terrorist act

ff6c8a677c7d07a682fd6d265182a69d - Attack in police station in Barcelona was a failed terrorist act

The attack Monday morning on a police station in Barcelona is being investigated as a terrorist act. Something for 6 hours this morning attacked a man with a knife the police station of Cornellà. The present agents shot him dead before he could injure.

That has commissioner of the Mossos d ‘ Esquadra Frayed Comes Monday afternoon declared during a press conference, which the Spanish media messages.

“There have been very serious facts occurred, in particular, an attack with a knife. The offender has Allah mentioned. We treat this as a terrorist attack, ” said the commissioner Monday.

Previously reported in various media that the offender, a 29-year-old man of Algerian descent, ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is great) called. The agent that his weapon pulled and the guy shot down, did so in self-defense, sounds the yet.

According to the Mossos, it is clear that the offender ‘a large knife’ designs had on the police officers in the office were present. “He had murderous intentions, and had his deed to the agents to attack and himself to bring life planning’, it sounds. The police is currently conducting an investigation in the house of the offender.

The agents that Monday morning were present in the office of Cornellà, receive psychological assistance.

On the question of whether the perpetrator tires would have with the perpetrators of the attacks of a year ago in Barcelona and Cambrils, Comes no answer. “There are no indications that there is a band between the two,” he says. The attack was not (yet) claimed, and it is not clear whether the perpetrator belongs to a network.

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