Aston Martin builds car to goudvingers of licking

50098f9e9eda3e0841b93876e74130d6 - Aston Martin builds car to goudvingers of licking

Through the streets tearing like you are James Bond: have that dream, the British automobile manufacturer Aston Martin to deliver. The company announced today in total 28 vehicles of the type DB5 to construct. With additional Bond accessories. The Aston Martin DB5 came for the first time (literally) in the picture in “Goldfinger”, the third film about MI5 spy, James Bond with Sean Connery as nulnulzeven. The DB5 is considered the most famous of all Bond cars.

The first Goldfinger-remakes will be in 2020 of the tape reels. Of the 28 Aston Martins, there will be 25 sold. The cost: 2.75 million pound (or three million) per piece.

Under the Bond-features of the new DB5 is among other things a rotating plate. What is the purpose of that, however, is the question. All technical spielereitjes be developed in collaboration with experts from the special effects department of the James Bond filmfabriek. The in the car with hidden machine guns from ‘Goldfinger’ will probably not be part of the new DB5 package.

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