Aston Martin builds again ’James Bondmodellen’

7a0b457d341058412cb76659e20611c2 - Aston Martin builds again ’James Bondmodellen’

GAYDON – The British car Aston Martin is 28 cars to build, which is virtually identical to the type DB5 made famous in the James bond movies of the sixties.

The cars net of taxes of approximately 3 million euro and will be available by 2020, says the manufacturer. The factory works for the production along with experts from the film industry in the field of special effects. The machine guns from the DB5 from the bond film Goldfinger can not be applied, the rotating plates.

The DB5, referring to a key investor, and for many years owner of the car company, David Brown (1904-1993), is an Italian design. The prototype of this model car was used for Goldfinger in 1964.

The Aston Martin DB5 in the years 1963-1965 to an estimated thousand. The car only thanks to James Bond as one of the most famous models ever.

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