Arrests after gunfire embassy USA

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ANKARA – The Turkish authorities have two men arrested because of the bombardment of the U.s. embassy in Ankara. Also, a vehicle and a firearm seized. The arrested in their thirties have a criminal record, and explained after their arrest, a confession, report the authorities in the Turkish capital.

From a moving vehicle were six bullets fired on the stentofon security system at the entrance of the diplomatic post. No one was injured. The embassy is this week in close connection with the feast of sacrifice. The property was, as well as the consulate in Istanbul, which is often the target of militants.

The Turkish ministry of Foreign Affairs said that in the meantime, extra security measures were taken around the embassy and other American posts. A spokesman for Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Twitter that clearly there was an attempt to “create chaos.”


The relations between the US and Turkey are currently very tense. The governments of both countries have a conflict over the American reverend Andrew Brunson, who is in Turkey on charges of terrorism is detained.

The US has recently imposed sanctions and strafheffingen to Turkey imposed as drukmiddel to Brunson to to get free. As a result, the national currency, the lira, the last time greatly dropped in value. President Erdogan speaks of an “economic war.”

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