An exciting autumn at FIVE

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The fall of FIVE promises to be controversial. For the first time takes the transmitter off with three brand-new, local programs – each on a Tuesday and a completely new zenderlook. The largest vrouwenzender in Flanders shying away from september, no taboo and is confronted with some controversial and surprising themes. Everything should be discussable, both on and off the tube. Let’s talk!

Let’s talk bad habits.
In the brand new six-part reality tv series, OH MY GOD, is a catholic slotklooster for the first time willing to open the doors and five millenniummeisjes temporarily to welcome. This smooth girls have a few weeks without cigarettes, alcohol, parties, men, and smartphones. In return they get invitation to reflect in the silence of the monastic life.

The girls are immediately faced with draught, prayer, emotions, and most of all… himself. What happens when the materialistic lifestyle of the millenniumgeneratie comes in contact with the simple existence of a strictly religious women?

Let’s talk series.
FIVE viewers already know it longer: for exciting misdaadseries you at FIVE on Monday to the correct address. The transmitter has this autumn, her crime-offer finalised with the start of the latest season of Criminal Minds and the brand new series The Detail, in which three female moorddetectives central.

On Wednesday is Grey’s Anatomy all the way back again with the long-awaited fourteenth season. Followed by the promising spin-off Station 19 in which the fire department of Seattle central. Some familiar faces from Grey’s Anatomy signs present in the first episode, as Meredith Grey, Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren.

Later this autumn there will be new episodes of Elementary, and Private Eyes.

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