American embassy in Ankara shot

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ISTANBUL – Unknowns have the embassy of the United States in the Turkish capital of Ankara with gunshots taken under fire. This reported several Turkish media. The shots were fired from a moving car.

The high-security Us embassy in Ankara.

Some bullets hit a guard post, but no one was injured. Unknown is how many archers. The car which was shot at managed to escape.

The relations between the US and Turkey are currently very tense. The governments of both countries have a conflict over the American reverend Andrew Brunson, who is in Turkey on charges of terrorism is detained.

The US has recently imposed sanctions and strafheffingen to Turkey imposed as drukmiddel to Brunson to to get free. As a result, the national currency, the lira, the last time greatly dropped in value. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks of a economic war”.

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